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From Bold Vision To Practical Execution.

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A Strategic Partner

mind-arc is the culmination of Jonah Burlingame’s twenty-five years of working with global brands as a collaborative partner to product leaders seeking customer growth opportunities. Jonah specializes in crafting clear, strategic visions and compelling narratives to foster cross-functional alignment — a crucial step in transforming innovative ideas into market-leading customer experiences. Jonah’s unique blend of strategic insight and practical guidance drives organizational transformation, helping brands navigate complex challenges to be leaders in their categories.


  • Design Strategy
  • Innovation Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Strategic Narratives
  • Product Vision

A Breadth of Client Experience

“Working with Jonah was an absolute game-changer for our projects. He brings mastery when it comes to untangling the messiest challenges and turning them into a clear, strategic direction. His energy and vision for aligning business goals with stellar product strategies were exactly what was needed. Jonah’s not just about ideas; he makes things happen, turning big, fuzzy problems into wins.”

Innovation Leader

Fortune 50 Financial Institution

Deep Industry Expertise


Collaborated with established brands to reimagine the future of existing products, as well as innovative startups to help bring new products to market. My expertise extends to redefining revenue models and overhauling internal operating frameworks for sales and training, driving technological advancement and operational efficiency.

Financial Services

Extensive experience collaborating with a diverse range of financial institutions, including Fortune 50 companies, non-profits, and credit unions. My work encompasses consumer banking initiatives such as online banking and options trading, as well as platform design for wealth management. I’ve spearheaded growth programs focused on defining innovation methodologies and exploring emerging technologies such as, blockchain, cryptocurrency, AR/VR, and AI-enabled consumer banking. Additionally, I’ve been instrumental in exploring new market opportunities in the small/micro-business segment.


Experience navigating the evolving media landscape with innovative approaches to guide traditional media companies through the journey of digital transformation. My experience includes developing a long-term category strategy for a major publisher, as well as crafting effective communication strategies for various in-house publishing departments for major brands.

Fitness & Wellness

Developed a visionary AI-enabled fitness app that integrates multiple AI technologies, including machine learning for predictive analytics and personalization, large language models for creating bespoke training programs, and computer vision for precise form and performance analysis. Also designed a wellness app to encourage positive habit formation to enhance mental health.


Worked with various organizations to craft impactful communication strategies rooted in human network design. I’ve helped align product initiatives to inform broader portfolio strategies, helping to utilize resources efficiently, while effectively articulating their core value propositions to enhance their mission’s impact.

Don’t see your industry listed here? No worries. As a consultant, I am adept at immersing myself in new domains utilizing a methodology to leverage your domain expertise. I bring fresh perspectives to your unique challenges.

A Unique Approach


Craft visionary concepts into tangible product strategies that elevate your market positioning and define your brand’s future.


Map the journey from MVP to full-scale vision realization, ensuring a practical and efficient path for product evolution.


Organizational synthesis to align your business’s strategic direction with its core values and strengths, ensuring a unified and coherent approach.


Cultivate support and commitment across the organization to enable the successful adoption and advancement of your strategic vision.