Mixed Reality Investing Experience

The challenge:

Garanti Bank of Turkey /BBVA sought concepts to explore an investment experience in virtual/augmented reality leveraging their existing investment research platform.


The approach:

  • Assessed the content and tools on the existing investment research web platform.
  • Defined scenarios and use cases within an investor’s research journey in which AR/VR may provide value.
  • Created storyboards of the journey for prototyping.
  • Evaluated several HMD vendors and assessed pros and cons (vendors included Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, MicroSoft HoloLens, ODG).
  • Mocked up scenes in Sketch and used Sketch-to-VR plugin to rapidly explore content density and navigation.
  • Engaged outside HoloLens design and development team to create demo.




Navigation and scene explorations