4 Reasons Why the Tidal Streaming Service is Good for the Future of Music

It would be easy to glom on with the haters as they lampoon the out-of-touch celebrities that gathered to announce Tidal, Jay Z’s recently acquired streaming service. Few could argue that the announcement event wasn’t pitiful. There were nearly as many uncomfortable celebrities on stage as there were disingenuously enthusiastic people in the audience. And […]

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story arc: Seeing is Believing

Here is another installment of noteworthy items I’ve come across over the course of the week. -Enjoy.   It’s still voodoo magic to me: A hard flip pretzel at 1000 fps I’m too busy interacting with the site to read the message: Apparently it’s about being responsible It makes sense when you consider the furniture lasts […]

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THE WORD ON THE CURVE I look forward to the day when we look back on the early 00’s and laugh about the ridiculous blight websites put on the user experience. I’m talking about CAPTCHA. When it first appeared I thought it was a small but maybe necessary hurdle in my path to fill out […]

Netflix Jumps the Shark

Today Netflix announced a change to their pricing plan. No longer will they offer free streaming with their DVD plans. Streaming is now offered as it’s own plan. Nearly 23,000 people on Facebook voiced their dissatisfaction with this announcement today. It will certainly be interesting to see what the corporate reaction will be. I have […]

Just another article about agency reinvention

There are countless articles out there warning advertising agencies that they will need to change dramatically to stay relevant. There are nearly the same number of suggestions on how to fix them. I’m not about to offer a silver bullet here but I would like to point out two themes gaining some momentum. In two […]

3.5 things I’d add to

I’ve been a member of emusic for about 5 years now and I’ve evangelized the service consistently the entire time. I love the fact that they support independent labels and artists—and the music is DRM-free. In any case, I have watched the site evolve over time and though the navigation has evolved, not much has […]