Experience Design

Leading design teams in the creation of new experiences that leverage emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, and Blockchain/Cryptocurrency

Business Design

Guiding startups in the balance  of feasibility, viability, and desirability in order to shape the business model. Expertise in Fintech, Healthtech, and Mediatech

Innovation Programs

Setup of in-house innovation programs to build the machine that turns ideas into results via organizational alignment, methodology. and tools.

Law of Project Momentum: TANGIBILITY

Image by www.albertopveiga.com
Image by www.albertopveiga.com

The most tangible effort or deliverable will receive the most attention.

Example: If you present strategy and a prototype in the same meeting be sure to present the strategy first. It will be challenging to get your audience to enter a strategic mindset once they’ve seen the prototype.

A theoretical hierarchy of UX deliverables by degree of tangibility

  • Prototype (highest tangibility)
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes
  • Flows, Personas
  • Design Models, Behavioral Models, Interaction Models
  • Business Requirements (lowest tangibility)
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